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Interesting facts about threading

Threading is an age old practice which is used for removing unwanted hair from eyebrows, lower lips, sides as well as foreheads through roll of cotton strings. Threading gives shape to eyebrows and increases the charisma of the face too. Considering the immense benefits, here are some of its interesting facts:-
Cost effective than other hair removal techniques
The cost of threading falls way lower than other expensive hair removal techniques
Less painful than plucking
Threading removes hair in a row unlike individual hair while plucking, hence it is easy, fast and less painful too
No use of harmful chemicals
It doesn’t use any sort of harmful chemicals which might irritate skin or damage it and is 100% safe
Threading is suitable for all types of skin
So what, if you have different type of skin, threading will mostly be convenient to you.
Doesn’t peel or burn the skin
Threading doesn’t bruise your skin
So what if you have undergone a surgery, you can do threading
Threading can be done post surgery too
Regular practice of threading will ensure marked difference
As you are regular with threading, you will find a marked difference related with reduced growth of hair, ingrown hair as well as bumps.


Following are some of the frequently asked questions which we get from our esteemed clients:-
Q - I have thin eyebrows; does threading still prove to be beneficial for me?
A – Yes, as threading gives shape by creating a fuller darker look even to the thin eyebrows.
Q - I have heard that threading might be painful. Is it true?
A - Well, if a trained professional is pressed into service, then you won’t experience much of a discomfort.
So, come and take service from Advanced Beauty Studio, in order to experience the pleasant difference in the process as well.

2- Waxing

Waxing offers hair removal technique that is often quite a preferred method thanks to its long lasting affect. The method works on removing hair from its root.
Following are some of the queries which our clients have posed to us and we thought to share them with you:-
Q - How much time does it take for hair to regrow?
Although, the growth of hair varies between individual, yet newly waxed hair roughly grows back within 3 weeks to a month.
Q - Does hair grow back thicker and darker after waxing them?
Well, it is purely a myth since our body already has the hair which we ever have. Removing hair won’t be changing that. On the contrary, hair will only grow less and less.  Hence, as you repeat the process, you will find even better results. One perfect example would be that, had it been the case, then lots of men folks would be waxing their heads. Isn’t it?
Q - Does waxing causes wrinkles?
Not for sure. This is just the tactic which is played by laser and hair removal businesses to scare women from switching to waxing. In reality, no wrinkles are ever formed. The skin is always tight and held firmly and there is no sort of pilling or stretching in the process too.
Q - Is anyone eligible to perform waxing?
Not really, since you require a specialized and experienced person for performing waxing. Like a dermatologist who can’t perform a surgery on chest. Similarly, only a specialized person requires to perform the operation. So, get in touch with us and experience the pleasant difference in the process.

3 - Bleaching

We love faces with lighter tones. Isn’t it? That’s exactly what bleaching does since it is a cosmetic treatment which is used for lightening the tone of skin. We, at Advanced Beauty Studio are known for imparting the best of service. After all, we want you to have a fair and clear skin tone like the way you want.


Glow – Glow is an important trait of the skin and bleaching offers the same. As bleaching is done, the skin along with attaining a lighter tone equally gets a glow. The skin and face shines while looking fresh and young at the same time. Bleaching work wonders for the skin as it finishes off the dullness of skin by increasing the glow of face too. In short, it rejuvenates the skin

Skin lightening – Bleaching work on reducing the melanin level in the skin by making the skin a shade lighter. The tan gets reduced and fades away after using bleach. The dirt as well as dark layer present on the skin is reduced with regular bleaching.

Texture – Bleaching equally makes skin soft by improving the texture as well.

Blemishes – Tired of those blemishes and spots on skin? Well, don’t worry. Use bleaching as it finishes off the dark spots as well as pigmentation. The dark part fades away with the regular use of bleach.

Ever lasting – Bleaching is quite a beneficial as well as long lasting skin treatment. Although, there is no dearth of expensive treatments such as laser, chemical peeling etc, yet bleaching is quite a cost effective method whose benefits can’t be ruled out for sure.

Now, enhance your feminism, by getting in touch with Advanced Beauty Studio as we want you to look the best, since you deserve the best as well.

4. Facts about Manicure and Pedicure

Manicure:- Manicure originates in two Latin words that translate ‘hands’ and “care”. Rightly so, as it takes care about the hands of the person. Back from the old days, when the procedure was only limited to high status people, it has eventually become the necessity of the masses considering the need to look beautiful and charismatic in today’s fashion conscious world. Manicure makes use of hands including finger nails. There are wide forms of manicures which are available in the market
Pedicure:- Pedicure takes car of the feet like the way manicure does to the hand. The beauty of an individual can’t be termed as complete unless and until the overall charisma of feet is addressed. It involves grooming toenails, removing dead skin, moisturization as well as beautifying nails through nail enamels.

A person on an average takes roughly 8,000 to 10,000 steps on daily basis which becomes around 1,115,000 miles over her whole life. Hence, considering the necessity of the feet and the wear and tear which it faces in the process, it is important to take timely assistance for avoiding future foot complications.

Both (manicure and pedicure) cleanses your hands and feet and prevents nail diseases and disorders too.
Why you should prefer us?
Pamper yourself with us by taking our top notch services at the most reasonable rate. We don’t boast about the fact that we are blessed with getting increasing numbers of esteemed clients from far and near. We thank each and every single one of you for bestowing enough  faith and love in us, since it motivates us to continuously advance our services as per the changing demands of our reputed clients’ base.

5.Skin Care

Beauty and skin care is an important trait which work wonders in giving you loads of confidence, zeal and enthusiasm. It doesn’t take a lot from you to ensure beautiful skin. Hence, we have come up with the following procedures to treat your skin with kindness so that you can ensure softness and beauty once and forever. You can have loads of reasons to feel proud by taking services from us due to the glow skin which you are going to witness.

Since past twenty years, dermatological science has come up with highly sophisticated ingredients, facilities as well as products which will make quite a dramatic and pleasant difference to your skin.
We offer highly advanced facilities as well as techniques at highly cost effective rates, to give you an awesome time to make your skin healthy and safe like never before. For the same reason, we make use of top notch and renowned facials which are available in the market and they give you loads of reasons to enjoy to the fullest too.

6. Hair Services

Hair is one of the most important parts of an individual which enhances our body to the core. Since, a professionalized assistance work wonders in creating healthy hair. If you are with us, then you can ensure healthy, stylish and awesome hair which will take the breath of others for sure. As you take professional approach, your hair will ensure the best of health with regards to washing, conditioning, cut and style.
After all, it is your stylist who can access the overall health of your hair and determine if you need to undergo conditioning treatment and the type of cut which works best for your specific style of hair.
Why Advanced Beauty Studio is carving a niche for itself?
Come and develop relationship with us as our stylist will be blessed to develop long term relationship with you. Gone are the days when you used to have dry, broken or brittle hair, since as you get in touch with us, then you will have healthy, shiny and coveted hair which you have always dreamt uptill now.

  • We offer wide range of experienced stylists who can tailor your look according to your preference and style.
  • We offer “one stop place” for all your needs.

So what are you waiting for?