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Wedding day is the most important time in the life of an individual. Since, this is the D-Day which every one wants to be special. You spend lots of time on your dress so that it becomes the best amongst the rest. Isn’t it? Hair being another important aspect of attire naturally gains lots of significance. You always want to look back at this special day of yours with pride. Isn’t it? Hence, we understand this need of yours. That’s the reason why we have come up with cost effective but sophisticated bridal makeup which will give you various “wow” moments. Bridal makeup needs to be charismatic so that history stands still to the coveted moments as you get framed. Now, get in touch us with and gather loads of accolades and appreciation by rightly being referred as the star of the event (which you really are)
Why you should get bridal makeup done from us?
Bridal makeup has to be waterproof so that in the event of crying or sweating, you don’t have to worry at all. Therefore, give us the chance to serve you, since all your worries, anxieties and concerns will go way with the wind, the moment you contact us. Since, we value the most important day of yours and we have been serving increasing numbers of brides from far and wide. Needless to say, that we live in a world of high definition. The cameras capture images which are 6 times clearer. Considering the whole view of marriage with bright lights, it is not hard to judge about the necessity of perfection which is needed for the bridal makeup. Our experienced artists will help you accomplish the long cherished dream of yours like the way you want.

There is an important question which we often get from brides and we thought to share with you.

Q - I don’t like to wear lots of makeup, do I still need to get bridal makeup done?

A - Well, before I answer you, let me tell you that the images of fresh faces which you see in magazines actually have makeup on. Don’t such images look natural? Yes, they do. Hence, there is an immense need of a great makeup artist who can do wonders to your face. We will give you such a natural glow on your face that you will feel highly confident and beautiful on the most important day of your life.

We want you to have the best makeup on, so how you should have a successful makeup trial?
For taking trial, we will advice you to wear white top, (although, you won’t be wearing the same on your D-Day). Since, white will help you get the feel of makeup in its truest form by hindering the reflection of any other color. Makeup has different attributes in front of camera. So, we will suggest you to take a picture of your make up in order to get a sense of what the makeup will actually look like.
What makes us different from others?

  • We listen and work according to your needs like do’s and don’ts such as how you want your makeup to look like. Our experienced makeup artists will give you suggestion if you are in a dilemma so that you can gather “wow” moments on the biggest day of yours.
  • We prepare the face based on the need of the camera as we know the specific products to use (in what quantity). Your makeup application long lasts all through the day.